FUJIEDE launches the automobile fuel saving device of the cylinder deactivation controlling


   ●Improve the fuel economy and reduce overall fuel consumption by as much as 20%

   ●Quick response speed

   ●Good dynamic performance

Taizhou, Zhejiang, China,Jan. 29,2015—FUJIEDE As auto manufacturing partner and leading domestic high-end auto parts innovative products and solutions provide launches the fuel saving device of the cylinder deactivation controlling for the automobile. The car which installs the fuel saving device of the cylinder deactivation uses the solenoid valve to control the working state of the cylinder. The engine only needs some of the cylinders to work in the medium and small loads. The another parts of the cylinder stop working where the corresponding air distribution mechanism and the fuel injection system are shut down. At this time, the working cylinder will bear the higher load. Thus it reduces the pump gas loss and mechanical loss to achieve more economical fuel consumption level. The stopped valve and fuel injection system are instantly activated and all cylinders are put into work when speeding up or more power is needed. In this way, the engine not only has higher dynamic performance, but also improves the fuel economy and reduces the overall fuel consumption by 20%.

The automobile fuel saving device of the cylinder deactivation controlling  (It is called Cylinder on Demand for the variable displacement oil saving technology as abroad . ) is an internationally recognized fuel saving technology. The principle of the oil efficiency: The power utilization rate of the engine is extremely low and the fuel consumption is higher when the automobile works in some load condition. It wastes a lot of energy. The effective way to solve the low fuel economy of the engine in some load conditions is to "reduce the pump air loss and mechanical loss under some load". The most effective way is to use "the cylinder deactivation controlling technology" of engine to improve the load rate of the engine to achieve the purpose of fuel saving. 

At present, the international crude oil price is higher and the fuel price is going up. Society has higher demands for the fuel economy of automobiles.The cylinder deactivation technology which can significantly reduce fuel consumption is highly regarded by people. The cylinder deactivation controlling technology is mature, the efficiency of the oil saving effect is high. But at present it only applies to 6 cylinders and above engine. Due to the large number of large-displacement multi-cylinder cars in the United States and there are more four-cylinder engines in Europe, the cars produced by the American automobile company use the most cylinder deactivation technology. More than 3 million cars produced by the top three automotive companies in the United States had applied cylinder deactivation technology by 2014. The cylinder deactivation mechanism used in the mass production vehicle model mostly uses the products of German INA or American Eaton. The Japanese auto companies use their own development. Vehicles that use cylinder deactivation technology are mostly high-end models. The price of such vehicle is high, and they are more capable of digesting the cost increase caused by the CDA.

FUJIEDE's self-developed vehicle fuel saving device of the cylinder deactivation controlling is only 70% of the imported product cost. It can save RMB 42 million in foreign exchange (RMB) each year for domestic main engine plant. The product's technical indicators and quality levels can completely Meet customer requirements.


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