FUJIEDE 2017 annual supplier conference held successfully


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      ●2017 annual supplier conference

      ●Go ahead hand in hand, gather strength for win-win

Taizhou, Zhejiang, China,Dec. 25 2017—FUJIEDE as auto manufacturing partner and leading domestic high-end auto parts innovative products and solutions provider holds Zhejiang FUJIEDE Automotive System 2017 supplier conference named “Go ahead hand in hand, gather strength for win-win” on the third floor’s Wenlan pavilion of Taizhou International Hotel.


The panoramic


The conference report


Wang Junjie, General Manager, makes an important speech


Ke Konghui, Deputy Quality Minister, delivers a speech


Du Xueliang, Assistant to General Manager, delivers a speech


Li Jianquan, Duputy General Manager, delivers a speech


Wang Yang,Executive Deputy General Manager,makes a speech

General Manager Mr Wang takes the stage to award prizes and awards in the awarding session.


Zhejiang Qingyuan Automobile Co., Ltd.,Taizhou Yifeng Stamping Co., Ltd.

Obtaining the Best Technology Cooperation Award


Kunshan Huaju Precision Hardware Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhenhao Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.

Obtaining the Best Quality Award


Laiwu Xinyi Powder Metallurgy Products Co., Ltd.,Fuding Xinlong Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.

Obtaining the Excellent Supplier Award

Finally, Wang Jinfu, chairman of the company delivers an important speech


Chairman analyzes the development trends of the Chinese VVT market in the speech.He points out the direction and aim in the next 3 years for the Zhejiang FUJIEDE Automotive System. He shares the following 3 questions: the relationship between supplier and FUJIEDE, the invest of the supplier and the requirement of FUJIEDE

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