FUJIEDE 2017 Annual Conclusion Conference and 2018 Spring Festival Meeting held grandly


      ●2018 Spring Festival Meeting

      ●New age, new company, new action

      ●Summary and recognition,pasting with the future.

Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, February 3rd,2017—FUJIEDE As auto manufacturing partner and leading domestic high-end auto parts innovative products and solutions provider holds 2017 Annual Conclusion Conference and 2018 Spring Festival Meeting.

Marching forward regardless of hardship hand in hand through 2017, this year a group of people engraved on the FUJIEDE's annual ring who are in different positions and different sections of work are dedicated on work silently and exude a different kind of light and heat! The busy year 2017 is over in the blink of an eye.The full of expected 2018 comes to us.New year brings new goals and hopes. The leaders of the company and all the staff gather together to enjoy the party together.


First of all, the host makes opening congratulations. Subsequently, the heads of departments successively take the floor to speak to summarize the past 2017 and plan and look forward to 2018; After the last chairman’s speech, he gives awards for winning outstanding employees, quality models, and model workers in 2017. He encourages winning employees to guard against arrogance to play an exemplary role and make new contributions in the new year.


All staffs gather and toast for celebrating in the following Spring Festival meeting. The lucky draws and games are also interspersed during the dinner. The climax of the annual conference continues to set With the participation of the prize, the third prize, the second prize, and the first prize. The Spring Festival not only brings cheers and laughter to everyone, but also makes the hearts of colleagues more close to each other.The interaction between the leaders and employees and the exciting raffles bring vocals, applause and cheers to the venue. The climaxes of the whole Spring Festival meeting taking place continually show the happiness and harmony of this great family.


The glorious year of 2017 has passed and the 2018 full of hopes and challenges comes quietly. In the past year we smiled, had a hard time, and also had harvested. We are full of energy and passion facing with 2018.Let’s lift up our sleeves and work hard to create a beautiful future for FUJIEDE.

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