FUJIEDE launches the second generation VVT- middle-set-type VVT


      ●Higher fuel economy.

      ●Shorten the length of oil control and reduce the amount of engine oil.

      ●Faster response speed and better control accuracy.

Taizhou, Zhejiang, China, July 1st, 2017—FUJIEDE As auto manufacturing partner and leading domestic high-end auto parts innovative products and solutions provider configures the 4th generation VVT system on the R10C/F13B engine of BASIC GROUP. This system adopts middle-set-type,which solves the shortcomings of limited angle adjustment in traditional hydraulic VVT system. 

The project is based on several previous core technologies according to information. Especially in the design of middle-set-type valve timing system in engine according to information, it realizes the intelligent design process of VVT through adopting the PLM software. The project establishes a VVT equivalent analysis model to realize the simulated analysis and verification of the power, flow, torque and electromagnetic compatibility of the engine through the ANSYS software. The control system and fault detection device of the middle-set-type VVT pre-assembly process are designed and developed based on intelligent manufacturing technology . FUJIED Completes the pre-assembly sequence planning for the middle-set-type VVT. It Improves work efficiency and detection efficiency.The project products are developed for matching the requirements of BASIC GROUP's car models. The sample has been detected by the testing center of BASIC GROUP. All parameters and indicators meet relevant technical standard requirements. FUJIED has invested 12.1869 million RMB in equipment and machinery for the project by July 2017 .The bulk supply capacity has been formed at present. The stable quality product of this project has been supplied in batches of more than 20,000 sets for the automobile factory by June 2017.

FUJIEDE is applying for 1 invention patent , 3 utility model patents: 1.A middle-set-type variable valve timing system device and engine (ZL201610763265.6) - invention patent.;2.A middle-set-type variable valve timing system device and engine(ZL201620988082.X) -utility model patent.; 3.An engine oil control valve in a variable valve timing system (ZL201620984614.2)-utility model patent;4.A dual lock pin phase regulator in a variable valve timing system (ZL201620987953.6)-utility model patent.


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